Sail to islands of Swedish Lapland

On these pages you will find information that will help you plan your sailing trip to the islands of Swedish Lapland.

Sail to islands of Swedish Lapland

The islands of Swedish Lapland are part of Sweden’s northernmost island world, in the northernmost part of the Bay of Bothnia.

The islands of Swedish Lapland are located a mere 100 km south of the Polar Circle. This means that the summer nights are bright, and you can sail around-the-clock without difficulty.

The islands are as beautiful as they are varied. You can often find your very own bay, and a number of the islands have guest harbours, restaurants, saunas, barbecue areas and much more.

More information about the islands of Swedish Lapland can be found on the other pages of this website.

It might seem like a long way to travel, but it is well worth the effort. The islands of Swedish Lapland provide you with an opportunity to enjoy some amazing experiences.

If you want to divide up your visit over two years, it is possible to store your boat here over the winter.

The following companies offer boat service and winter storage:

  • Karlsvik Marina phone: +46 (0)920-25 02 55
  • NP-MARIN phone: +46 (0)920-22 96 44
  • Norrkust Marina phone: +46 (0)923-67 02 72
  • Piteå Marin & Maskin phone: +46 (0)911-150 60
  • Storfors Varv & Marina phone: +46 (0)911-312 70

It is also possible to transport your boat to Narvik on the Atlantic coast and to sail on from there.

Welcome to the world’s northernmost collection of islands in brackish water!