Brändön, Luleå (Central)

Brändön and Örarna are two old fishing villages with a history dating all the way back to the 17th century. An old farming and fishing community in the municipality of Luleå.

Brändön, Luleå (Central)

Brändön is an island, even though it is connected to the mainland. Örarna is right next to Brändön, and these two villages have always had an extensive collaboration with each other. Hunting, sports and village development are just some of the areas within which the villages have discovered the value of working together.

Brändön has a number of harbours as well as a conference centre.

Popular place to live

Brändön-Örarna has a total of 665 inhabitants (Dec. 2007). A “baby boom” has taken place during the last few years, and many families with children are choosing to move here. There is a great sense of community here, and many activities in which to get involved. The beautiful nature and close proximity to the sea are other factors that contribute to the popularity of the area.

There is no school here, so every day the children must travel to the school in Bensbyn which is situated 13 km from Brändön. In Örarna there is a municipal preschool that has room for 17 children.

Brändöskär has received its name from the fact that it has previously been a fishing village for the inhabitants of North Brändön and mainland-Brändön. The fishing village at that time, as it does now, consisted of cabins and boathouses around the bay between Brändöskär and Uddskär.