Skvalpen / Sandgrönnorna, Luleå (Central)

Skvalpen is one of the strangest of all the islands in the region, with its sand dunes and plains. On the northern side of the island the water is deep all the way into the shore, whereas on the outer side of the island it is very shallow.

Skvalpen / Sandgrönnorna, Luleå (Central)

Excursion harbour/ nature reserve
Nautical chart 414

A suitable place from which to begin your approach is at Sandgrönnorna at position 65o 22´,80N 22o 24´,40E. Here the water is at least 3 metres deep up to about 0.1M from the shoreline. Proceed on course 219o. The waters around Sandgrönnorna are shallow, which is why this bay is a more suitable alternative if you wish to stop at this island.

The island consists entirely of sand with small tufts of grass and the odd tree here and there. It is possible to put to on the island at any place of your choosing, although you must pay attention to the important restrictions imposed by the nature reserve.
If you visit the island on a sunny summer’s day, it is like being transported to a Pacific island totally free from civilisation. The island has a rich birdlife, and visitors are expected to show due consideration for the island’s birds. One of Luleå’s most beautiful islands, this island is well worth a visit. There is no natural harbour, although in southerly winds there is shelter along the entire northern shore.

Please note that it is forbidden to go ashore on Skvalpen (which has now become connected to Sandgrönnorna) from 1 May until 31 July.