Vargön, Piteå (South)

On this large and green island, the most popular places to visit are the nature conservation area at Koskäret and Koskärshalsen.

Vargön, Piteå (South)

Here you have the chance to combine a refreshing swim at the shallow sandy beach with a peaceful walk in the forest.

Guest harbour/ nature reserve
Nautical chart 415
Koskäret: tour boat, cabins for rent, outhouse toilet, fireplace, resting place (cabin) and hiking trail
Per-Stålsviken: cabin for rent, sauna, facilities adapted for disabled persons, information and attractions


When making your approach, hold your course in the direction of the single cabin north of the holiday village until you reach the shore depth line. Follow the depth line close to Vargölandet until you are perpendicular to the level of Hällskäret’s north-easterly cape. Run perpendicular to Hällan on Hällskäret but look out for underwater rocks that jut out from Hällskäret’s north-easterly cape.
The municipality of Piteå has built two new cabins here. The cabins provide access to an outhouse toilet, a wood-paraffin-gas stove, a fireplace, a gas stove and a fridge, as well as a private jetty. There are 2 bunk beds with a total of 4 beds. Don’t forget to take your own fresh water, and remember that the cabins do not have electricity. The cabins can be rented all year round, and bookings can be made by contacting Piteå Tourist Centre, tel. +46 (0)911-93390.


When you are at position 65o14´,35N 21o48´,80E, which is between Ö. Bullen and Klogrundet, proceed on course 054o for about 0.9M. Now you are in the bay. The bay is much appreciated by boaters due to its wind-sheltered location and the excellent swimming spots. The inner part of the bay, with the little island Hällskäret, is relatively shallow at about 1 m, but it is no problem for larger boats to anchor in the outer bay, which has a water depth between 2-6 m. This bay is perhaps the loveliest bay in all the islands of Piteå that provides shelter against all winds.

Laxskäret is walking distance from Per-Stålsviken. Here you can see what an older style fishing cabin looks like, both inside and out. The fishing cabin on Laxskäret and the forest agency’s cabin on Koskäret are both kept open to the public, including the possibility to stay in them overnight.


Take a snowmobile ride during spring/winter and stop at Mellerstön or Vargön to enjoy the spring sun in the islands of Piteå.
There are snowmobile trails from Svartnäsudden (Bredänget) and out to Mellerstön, approx. 6 km, and from there to Vargön it is approx. 2 km. Furthermore, there are also two additional trails on each island. The ambition is to also mark them during the winter.