Snowmobile/ice roads in Luleå

Snowmobile/ice roads in Luleå

Every winter, around 25 km of ice roads are ploughed in and around the islands of Luleå, making it possible to travel by car or truck (without cargo) at no risk to your safety.

The ice roads are 40-45 metres wide, and the ice is about a half metre thick before the ice roads are ploughed. It is a very special feeling to travel by car over the large bodies of water.

Naturally, how quickly the ice roads can be made ready for travel each winter is entirely dependent on the weather and the condition of the ice.

The municipality of Luleå usually ploughs up ice roads on three different routes in and around the islands of Luleå. One ice road goes from Sandön (at Hamnholmsviken) to Junkön. The other two ice roads both depart from Hindersöstallarna (Hindersö Boat Harbour) but reach a junction after a short while, at which point one route heads towards Hindersön, while the other heads towards Storbrändön. Please note – the ice roads are only open for use if there are signs at the beginning of the ice roads declaring that they are open at that time.

It is absolutely fine to travel by car on these ice roads when they are open, which means that you can quickly arrive at the islands of your choice during the winter.

For example, it is possible to drive out to Hindersön and do some skiing, after which you can enjoy a delicious meal at Jopikgården, or why not drive out to Junkön.