The Åby River Trail, Skellefteå

The Åby River Trail offers scenic hiking in an area, with a rushing river as well as still waters. Traces of beaver are not uncommon, and otters also live in the Åby River.

The Åby River Trail, Skellefteå
Foto: Skellefteå kommun.

This hiking trail was created thanks to the local nature conservation initiative, and it starts at Renholmen to the east of Åbyn, where the Åby River flows into the sea. It then continues up to Blåfors, and the entire trail is 24 km long.

You can also choose to start your hike in Blåfors on the northern side of the river, just follow the signs to the football ground and the trail begins where the road ends.

If you only want to hike for shorter distances, you can reach the river and the trail from the road that heads towards Ålund (on the southern side of the Åby River) at a number of different places up to the turnoff towards Gagsmark. It is here that the trail moves over to the northern side of the Åby River. It is also here that the Tvärån creek runs out into the river, and the local fish conservation association has a scenically-located cottage that can be rented.