Halsön, Skellefteå (South)

Byske Boat Club’s facility on an island 2M south of Furuögrund. Clubhouse with kitchen and veranda.

Halsön, Skellefteå (South)
Halsön i Skellefteå, Foto: Kjell Lundqvist

Nice rocky outcrop that catches the evening sun. Approach is possible from the west and south, but look out for sandbanks! Wood-burning sauna. Canoes and dinghies can be loaned out. Small sandy beach below the sauna. Walking track over the island.

Guest harbour
Nautical chart 421
Harbour depth: 3 m
No. of guest berths: 30
Sauna, electricity, outhouse toilet, footpath and clubhouse
From Simpnäsgrundet you set course 319o and continue for approx. 2.2M. Now you set a new course 019o for approx. 0.2M. After that a new course 079o for approx. 0.4M. Finally, course 134o leads in to the facility.